Walk The Wine in Switzerland’s Terraced Wine Country

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Switzerland’s Undiscovered Wine Country

This article originally appeared in TravelPulse

walk the wineWhen you’ve done Napa, sipped your way through Sonoma and biked Bordeaux, it’s time for a new wine adventure, and the Lavaux region in Switzerland is it.

Since 2007, the steep, terraced vines of the Lavaux have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Skirting the shores of Lake Geneva from Lausanne to Chateau de Chillon, more than 2,075 acres of vines beckon oenophiles, yet the region flies under the radar.

It shouldn’t.

walk the wine

Like Switzerland itself, its wines are an often overlooked gem due to the small production and the fact most Swiss wines never leave the border. But a quick lesson in geography—France, Germany and Italy are its neighbors—and suddenly the thought of Swiss wine makes perfect sense.

Not only does the Lavaux boast more than 200 winemakers—most of them with families who have crafted wine for centuries—the jaw-dropping scenery is both Instagram worthy and ideal for strolling, sipping and experiencing an unexpected side of this tiny alpine nation.

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  1. This is awesome place and the wine is very good quality. Thanks for sharing

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