U’umbal Shawl Massage Launches at Grand Velas

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Traditional Mexican Garment Weaves into Spa Treatment

U'umbal Shawl Massage Launches at Grand Velas

Making the most of the setting at Grand Velas

Spas are always on the lookout to add unique treatments with a local twist to standout. A few years ago I had the chance to experience the large spa at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, which just launched Úumbal Shawl Massage, a full-body treatment with creative choreography dating back to prehistoric times.


Using lemons to apply pressure and authentic Mexican shawls for stretching, the signature treatment aligns body posture and cleans energy channels from head to toe.


I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it for myself…yet, but it sounds intriguing.


The service uses a rebozo, a long flat garment worn by Mexican women. And like a woman, the rebozo is a multi-tasking scarf/shawl item that is used as a head wrap to offer shad in the summer, a shawl for warmth in the winter and can even be fashioned into a baby carrier! Iconic Frida often wore a rebozo. Traditional rebozo’s are hand-woven, have a pattern and fringe. The wearing of one is a sign of Mexican heritage.

Traditional rebozos

Traditional rebozos


The U’umbai Shawl Massage is the latest addition to the spa’s Flavors and Traditions of Mexico treatments. Other indigenous services include the Bacal Massage, using one of the Mayan’s most sacred plants – corn, a Mayan Jade Facial, and the Coffee & Cocoa Experience, an exfoliation and massage with both native Mexican products. The 80-minute Úumbal Shawl Massage treatment is $236 USD. 

U'umbal Shawl Massage Launches at Grand Velas


Voted “Best Spa in the World” by Virtuoso in 2010, The Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a whopping 90,000 square feet! It has separate hydrotherapy facilities for men and women, which is included with any treatment 50 minutes or more. The circuit has seven different water experiences, including a sauna, color therapy steam, clay room, ice room, experiences showers, polar pool and experience pool with various water elements.

U'umbal Shawl Massage Launches at Grand Velas

Hydrotherapy is a hallmark of the Grand Velas experience.

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