Johns inspired statement here is a conditional promise, just as the latter. Acts 20:35 Another big truth that we are taught in the story of Abraham is that we are blessed/enriched when we have Grace together with Faith. God love’s us even to this extreme. Yes, Grace leads us to give, under Grace generosity should be evident and prevail. The dove and pigeon where animals that poor people would sacrifice. Man has a free will and God would like us to willingly turn our requests over to Him so He can get to work on our behalf. Been there, done that. But the posture of the former (walking by the Spirit) does not promise sinless perfection- only a trajectory towards ever increasing love ( which is the antithesis of sin). Bless you as you grow in Grace. Baptism was first, followed by communion. If you read the whole context he is encouraging us to abide in Him and in His Words. yes Terry, I was talking about the pastor,I had to read it again to see if I screwed up. We are not blessed because we give but because he gives. John‬ ‭14‬:‭6‬ NASB) But not so back at the time of David and the kings of Israel. James 1:13-15. My point is the church I attend at times mix Law and Grace, throw it in the blender and spoon it out to the congregation. “I am the resurrection and the LIFE” Jn. Additionally, all of this took place before the Cross and the New Covenant was not yet established. So, we must follow their example. Telling people god exists. The error was against Uriah (2Sam 12:9) in that David destroyed a man to cover his own hardhearted greed, rather than allowing all to see what he was doing (within his rights as King, or master). Believe in Jesus Tom -until you do you will be ceaselessly obsessing over endless minutia and you will have no rest or no peace inside and you will have little or no lasting joy. Also, I love the idea that we can do anything we want, never works for me. Sins are forgiven in every believer but the ROOT of sins which is wrong believing about Jesus is always disciplined by God as a responsible and loving Father (see also Hebrews 12). The Spirit is not here undermining the entire New Testament and contradicting Himself – saying we get answers to prayer because of our own self effort attempts at keeping Gods commandments . We are now new creations that are created to be generous. Islam. Jul 8, 2019 #135 Kapryov said: You have to learn cursive. Not Levi. Religion, on the other hand, keeps you bound with half-truths, bent-truths, and damnable lies. We had a debt we owed God and couldn’t pay, Jesus had no debt but paid it on our behalf, He actually overpaid it. Join the grace revolution. I love how the new covenant’s emphasis is on giving – and it’s to do with our attitude towards it. 9 mins ago. I’m not preaching self-effort, but faith in His might grace. The enemies spoils of war. It still hinders my prayers sometimes. Philippians 4:9, Colossians 1:10, 1 john 3:7, Titus 3:14, well I could go on. By “Looking unto Him” Religion loves to quote Job because the man was self-righteousness (Job 32:1-2), but he was also bitter (Job 27:2), and suicidal (Job 7:15) and spoke a lot of rubbish (Job 42:3). There is ONLY ONE CONDITION to participating in the life Jesus : Trust Him alone ( This involves -believe in Him alone , have faith in Him alone, hope in Him alone, turn away from trusting in your self effort, your self performance, your self improvements, your self evaluations and your self will). “But didn’t Jesus say he might blot our names from his book?” No, Jesus said he wouldn’t blot our names. 8. I’m so glad I’m free from all that stuff now but it upsets me to think that it’s still being taught in some churches. GOD gave Satan permission to take everything from Job. Academia states that in the absence of any sort of … We partake at home almost daily as a family. Daryl, I heartily agree, however, those who “feel” good about tithing — their motives come into question. Both times bad things happened when Grace was removed from Faith. However, Yeshua’s entire earthly ministry was to His own People, the House of Israel. God love’s us even to this extreme. If the wrath of God scares you, then you have the wrong picture of wrath because there is no fear in love (1 John 4:18). But hey – if you tithe out of a heart that wants to give – praise God. Just as you can oxygen without air but you cannot have air without oxygen so you can have grace without faith but you cannot have faith without grace. so do your best to follow what God has commanded us. Learning and growing day by day. Remain in your Father’s embrace and you will never be seduced by the lies of dead religion. And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His being (‭Hebrews‬ ‭1‬:‭1-3‬ NASB I’ve taken communion at home (I don’t have a church yet) and I don’t believe you have to be baptized to take communion. some of them decided to scoff and form their own religions which are basically delusions placed on them by God for their rellious nature. Basically, when you come down to it, the sickness, disease and premature falling asleep, mentioned in the Holy Communion “warning” is not anything placed on us, it is merely the consequence of not believing what Jesus accomplished at the Cross. “God scourges his children and burns the rest.” How many people did Jesus scourge? Posted on April 1, 2015 by Paul Ellis // 178 Comments. “Jesus, how dare you claim to have the inside track on truth? They will hear the gospel, they will hear about the grace of God, then they will be asked to stay away from the communion table. God is certainly able to redeem our suffering, but he doesn’t give us sickness in the first place. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭2‬:‭6-8‬ NASB). “I came into the world to testify to the truth,” said Jesus. Jesus is seated at the Right Hand of the Father and as He is in Heaven, so are we on the earth! to stay a “clean vessel”, get increased anointing for ministry, intimacy in relationship with God, “higher levels” of spiritual experience etc. What benefit? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But lately I’ve been having an anxiety setback and now I’m trying to starve any doubts. Just as Jesus is in Heaven is as we are. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. Allen C. 1 decade ago. Something about God bringing you struggle. Any message that directs the “sheep” to do, say or give anything to “fix” themselves is from the Law and should be cast out. As RG LeTourneau, perhaps the most inspiring Christian inventor, businessman, started out giving 10% and living on the remaining 90%, but ended up giving 90% and living on the remaining 10% and quite comfortably! That’s because Jesus is righteous, so we must do likewise, or exemplify Him (1 Peter 2:21). Does it bother you that Biden is a strong believer in Christianity. No, the biggest lie ever is: God doesn't exist. Anonymous. Thank you Paul for saying that. Religion is the most dangerous thought pattern in the Universe. Basically, if what you are preaching does not line up with Grace — unmerited Favor of God — you are preaching a mixture message. I, like you have tasted of Grace and the favor that is manifested through our humbly submitting to our Lord knowing that we cannot do it ourselves, and resting in His Everlasting Arms. It doesn’t matter which God, so for argument’s sake let’s say he is Jehovah, Yahweh, the Holy Father - the God of the Bible and of the Christian faith. they remain in bondage because the Law negates Grace. Once I found the true Gospel, my heart leaped and I found the elusive peace. Tithing, in the true sense of the word, is the law. First of all, Thank You, Paul for preaching the Truth of the Gospel! ‘Your healing can’t manifest if you have any unbelief.’ Thankfully Jesus lassoed that whopper with ‘whatever is not of faith is sin,” dragged it in kicking and nailed it to the cross with 2 Cor 5:19. There is no going back, for those who have been exposed to the true Gospel to the lies that are being told in the organization called the “church”. Similar to their objection and reason for not preaching Grace alone–the people will live and walk in unrestrained sin! because of Jesus the wrath of God has been satisfied. Lie #5: Jesus Began a New Religion Called Christianity. 2.) He overcame a weak worm of the dust mentality. I would base what I thought God would do for me on how well I performed (with His help of course!). Barry, These scripture are not for speculation. ( Log Out /  Since every other religion is dead and not a threat to Satan,he resides in the Christian church. Grace is the oxygen of the atmosphere of our faith. As Spurgeon said: “How shall the Lord punish twice for one offense? And “if” anyone sin, we have an Advocate…” 1 John 2:1. Oct 25, 2017 3,517. It is certainly something to peruse. No, James connecting sin with death (I shared earlier) is the only biblical answer to this. My heart breaks for all those who are discouraged from taking the Holy Communion. 8 years ago. Where sin increases, grace hyper-abounds. Yet contrary to your understanding, 2 Corinthians 13:5 tells us to examine and 1 Corinthians 11:30 warns of premature death! First, it is the Word of the Lord, so it’s NOT, in itself, a religious lie. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Hey Paul, HE ASKED ‘WHO’S GOING PAY MY WAGES’ ? We have too many “Christians” in church’s now that believe they are right with God, yet are living in sin. The Deep State has infilitrated everything from our, schools and universities to churches, key industries. I see these songs as an oppurtunity to spread the Gospel. 5.) Its ‘because’ you “have believed in Jesus” that you should be ‘dead to sin’ and being thus, you should live unto righteousness! The Greatest Lie Ever Told takes the reader on a historical voyage, using wit and logic to reveal the evidence of research that no one wanted you to see. 26 Answers. (1) ... with. The question one must ask oneself is: Which God is God – God of Genesis 1 or Lord God of Genesis 2? Jesus said that he came so that they might know the one TRUE God. At the Cross He was the perfect sacrifice who took all of our sins, past, present and future on His sinless person so God could pour out all of His fury and wrath on Jesus, the sacrifice, to redeem us from the curse of the law and the penalty of sin. 1 Samuel 2:6 relates to 1 Cor. Be blessed. Never thought believing a verse in the Bible (1 john 1:9) was so. Ecclesiastes 11:1, “ who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” May not be there, but should, as it is saying the same thing in verse 4. Its like God gave signal(wisdom) to preach the gospel and our mind interprets it depending on our own understanding. Then when lust hath conceived, it brings forth (2) sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth (3) death.” Many have been told that they have to examine themselves, confess all sins or they will partake unworthily. That post will come out sometime after Easter. But the LORD was pleased To crush Him, putting Him to grief. Baha'i, Hinduism, Taoism. 0 0. And i am assuming your ref to stating that tithing predated the Law was when Abraham tithed to Melchizadek? "In all probability, he might actually hate you.". “Your baby died because God needed another angel in heaven. God bless you my brother. Who can know the mind of Christ? dont worry if you cant make it. Many may say that this is a “witch hunt”, not so, I and may family were in the dark for more years than I care to count because of wrong teaching. “But let a man examine himself (2 Corinthians 13:5), and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. I’ve heard many say that its OK for them to suffer because the tithe is God’s due. Ooh ooh I know one: He was so excited and so changed, not unlike many of us. But, “the words” are there, as I showed you. Yes, religion is the all-time bullsh!t champion. Right believing produces Holiness in us, because we are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ and it is not we, but Christ who lives in us. Why must we take sides? ( Log Out /  There is nothing you can do to gain salvation, except receive what Jesus did at the Cross, nor is there nothing a believer can do to lose it. Tommiecat. The benefits of obedience are that we are WAY easier to live with! I hear ya Bob. The Gospel in Twenty Questions The first person to produce a single tiny little piece of verifiable evidence for any god will become world famous and mega rich! Does Jesus sit around demanding that he doesn’t have to tithe or give. How could we enjoy the blessings and favor of God if we go in and out of our “saved” state? The deep irony is that this nascent false teaching that you’re gonna get sick or die if you don’t examine yourselves for sin is the VERY THING that may well cause you to remain sick or die! Right, the tithe is just a start. Just as it is written, “F OR Y OUR SAKE WE ARE BEING PUT TO DEATH ALL DAY LONG; W E WERE CONSIDERED AS SHEEP TO BE SLAUGHTERED.” But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. When the Scriptures speaks of walking in the Spirit vs walking by the flesh it is not referring to a sinless walk of perfection vs committing specific individual sins; rather it is speaking of a life of trusting Christ and simply embracing what the Spirit is leading, motivating and empowering us for in our lives vs a life of independent self effort, self will and self improvement that puts self, moral principles and some derivative of the Law rather than Jesus as the moral umpire. You have to balance his kindness with his sternness.” It sounds Biblical, but it isn’t. 2 years ago. I’ve take myself out of the reasons why God blesses me. Shalom! Jesus’ own personal limitless flawless faith – take that, infirmity! Hi Tom- if you carefully exegete this verse it is not a command: (“You Shall keep,His commands and do what pleases Him” ) . Then we base what we think we deserve from God on how well WE did. 6 Answers. God makes you sick to teach you things. “The soul that sin’s shall die”, yes and Romans 8:6-13 is appropriate. Blessings. The numbers do not lie: It took 110 years to see three Supreme Court cases challenging religious liberty, but only 80 years to litigate more than 75 more. I just want to put this in here. But when I finally got a revelation of grace I started to have a surplus of money like never before. Wasting all that time, always troubled in my soul because of fear and doubt. so they end up thinking that Grace is like grease that allows you to follow the law. I believe Jesus was talking to the Jews in Matthew 24 and 25. Here’s my top ten lies of religion: Nonetheless this verse is not teaching that believers get their prayers answered BECAUSE they earn those answers to prayer by their own diligence or performance. The Biggest Lie 7. As much as I appreciate your list, I find that points 4&5 are not very convincing: apart for the horrible examples you gave (And I’m sadly sure many people said and will say those things) It seems that in point 4 you’re a bit out of context: at first you say that God doesn’t teach things with sickness, then you explain why God don’t send sickness to punish people after the new covenant. Whilst the answer given by Charles Partrick is undoubtedly true, to my mind the biggest lie is the reason why religion was invented in the first place, fear of death. They are without hope. One Beautiful Truth 9. Nous. Jul 9, 2019 #155 Buying a house is a good idea . Thanks Bros. Good thoughts those bro! We need to pastors gifts and your gifts. Interestingly enough, it's those that … That’s a very good comparison, Barry. Lv 7. I believe the Holy Spirit gives us nothing but good gifts, but what we see is filtered by what we are looking through. Tom, So death works in us, but life in you. Where there no grace there faith in God and wherever you have faith in God there you will find grace. What gives you the right? Think about it in this simple way. The preferential posture, therefore, is to be in a position to give rather than to be in the position of need, hence it is more blessed to give than to receive. Religion proclaimed science as satanic -science gave us antibiotics. “Job is an ignoramus. you cannot love the unlovable. Lv 7. But the gospel truth is that all the blessings of God are ours in Christ (Eph 1:3). What a burden religion puts on us. ROMANS 8 “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, (if you read the Greek translation (Kenneth Wuest) – you will see that this last part was not in the original text and there is a period after Christ Jesus) who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. ‘G O TO THIS PEOPLE AND SAY, “Y OU WILL KEEP ON HEARING, BUT WILL NOT UNDERSTAND; A ND YOU WILL KEEP ON SEEING, BUT WILL NOT PERCEIVE; F OR THE HEART OF THIS PEOPLE HAS BECOME DULL, A ND WITH THEIR EARS THEY SCARCELY HEAR, A ND THEY HAVE CLOSED THEIR EYES; O THERWISE THEY MIGHT SEE WITH THEIR EYES, A ND HEAR WITH THEIR EARS, A ND UNDERSTAND WITH THEIR HEART AND RETURN, A ND I WOULD HEAL THEM.”‘ (‭Acts‬ ‭28‬:‭26-27‬ NASB). He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice.” The picture of God as a bookkeeper is at odds with the one Jesus gives of God as the forgiving father. If faith remains where grace has been removed it is not faith in God but faith in man. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” I suppose if we had sin in our lives, it would be applicable. Iike saying to your wife, “Honey if you obey me and work hard at making sure you do everything to please me all the time I will give you children (you will bear fruit) and I will give you whatever you ask of me- bit if you don’t – I’m going to cut you off and divorce you!” Basically, when Jesus was alive and talking to the people and His disciples He ministered from the Old Covenant scriptures.” Depends on what you mean by "biggest". The Spirit here is simply stating the gospel fact that because of the gospel (by Jesus grace alone) believers DO IN FACT please God and keep His commands and the result of that divine grace is that we have confidence before God. 8.) No, its not automatic, there is effort, yet an effort, grace has provided and teaches, Titus 2:11,12. whenever we yield to His Spirit in us He will give the shirt off our back. 2 thessalonians 2 vs 11 and 12 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, … How many people did Jesus punish? To me the most rudimentary and simplistic test of determining whether something is a lie or a truth about the invisible God is to ask this question: Is this what Jesus is like? We were saved. It can mean what it does mean-that folk got weak sick or died because they failed to recognize that the communion celebration was about Jesus purchasing freedom from self will, self effort , self improvement and do it yourself living. I believe religion to be one of the biggest scams and wastes of time in history. Barry, then why did John say, 1 John 3:22, ” and whatever we ask we receive from him, because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.”. We’ve also visited several churches and were just going through the motions.We’ve also been led away from other ministers.. Sadly, those who thought it was a good idea to add words that weren’t written caused much suffering to saints, who to this day, are under condemnation and cannot enjoy the Righteousness of God in Christ they received when they surrendered to the message of the Cross. Additionally, all of this took place before the Cross and the New Covenant was not yet established. Christians that should know the value of the elements involved with this ordinance, as they are taking it, yet something is wrong . I Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” If you recall in the OT regarding tithing, most of the tithes were paid from excess or the spoils of war. And … “God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world. If you say you know Him and do not keep His commandments, you are a liar…” 1 John 2:3,4. No lies just people like you ridiculing Christianity! Religion was initially created as a social compact between man and the universe, to bring psychological comfort in times of hardship. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. I give far more than I ever did before. Religion was initially created as a social compact between man and the universe, to bring psychological comfort in times of hardship. good comment Bob! I am happy to suffer together as the least among these freedom fighters. How divisive. Real freedom is receiving what God did for us through Jesus Christ and abiding in that premise. The gospel truth is that God was angry with your sins but he poured out all his wrath on the cross (Rom 8:3), and he is angry no more. In that case, who could ever pray! Why do Good People fall for Bad Teaching? Law or mixture preaching on the pulpit. The big lie was orchestrated. Which is it ? . . only Jesus can. Nothing in our hands we bring, simply to the Cross we cling. Jesus died for you, so now you owe him [with worship, good works and tithings]. He is generous in us! How dare you!’ I’ve found that it’s better to catch the little foxes and bring them to Him instead of trying to ignore them or hide them from Him. I know this is blasphemy (in your ears) but I hope Paul E. will post. “He who began a good work in you will finish it”. Sin is missing the mark, sin is sin and here Paul said it was dealt with by chastening judgement of God. Yes, God is helping us. Jonathan, I’ve listened to Prince and Wommack for a few years and they are spot on; God used them to change my life. It is about the “…faithful brethren in Christ “ and “…the stedfastness of your faith in Christ.” Colossians 1:2 and 2:5. You are a sinner as well as a saint The whole reason God sent His son was to pay the penalty of sin. not because you earn it by your charitable works and saying “God you need to repay me. The Hyper-Grace Gospel 10:29 . Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, it is we who stray from His Love due to mixture message teaching and preaching. Church these days reminds me of going to the dentist – you go there because you are in pain, they inflict more pain on you, then they lecture you that you shouldn’t have been in pain in the first place and then they empty you of your life savings and demand that you come back more often. Haha ! Ifunanya, 10:29 . My pastor told us we were cursed if we didn’t tithe. James said we are to confess, one to another. In my church I’ve heard we are infected with sin. Thanks Paul for the opportunity to bask in His goodness this early morning! If that were the case why pray in Jesus name? They are offerings, and they are not necessarily for the benefit of the institutional church, but to all whom the Lord presents to us that are in need. Tithing, when its mandated, can do so much damage to those struggling financially. Member. Tom- the “abiding” Jesus is talking about here as a condition to answered prayer was not referring to some labor or some effort or performance or behavior on the part of his audience ( the 12 apostles) . It is teaching we should examine ourselves to make sure we are believing in what communion stands for – that Christ redeemed us from divine judgement and from the old do it yourself way if relating to God. He loves the sinner; not the sin. What then does the passage teach we should examine ourselves for then? David, No the biggest last source is the devil telling people that Jesus is not our savior and that Jesus known as this. If a Woman Can’t be a Husband, She Can’t be a Pastor, Right. Everyday Miracles 13. Stuff Jesus Never Said, Comment Policy We do not secure blessings and favor BY pleasing God -unless it is by believing which without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:) Until you please God by faith alone in Jesus as the ONLY means to securing every blessing and favor NOTHING you do pleased God. Like t’s His plan for your life… I am pained by those whom I have seen suffering believing that their situation must be what God wanted for them – cause that is where they were… < which makes no sense. does nothing to enhance our relationship with God, Our Father. Remember the widows mite! i think they misheard the word /ɡreɪs/ (grace) and heard the word /ɡriːs/ (grease) instead. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Why do these 3 heavy weights speak thus? Lewis, unfortunately you cannot change lyrics of a song….I don’t see why you can’t call them out though, in the ways they are inaccurate. That would be Jesus is Grace and we received Him when we surrendered to Him at our new birth. Copyright Policy My son in law challenged him that it wasn’t scriptural for us now and he REPLIED IT MIGHT NOT BE SCRIPTURAL BUT ITS PRACTICAL! The early church lived communally and they each helped each other, offering their excess for those in need. Each of the two occasions that Sarah was returned to Abraham,he was enriched with animals,servants,gold,and silver. We minister to those to whom the Lord leads us and there is no shortage of those folks. How ungracious. Love is not a feeling. God’s only command, in the New Covenant, is that we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t help but think of an otherwise good song we sing in church (maybe called Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord) that has this line in it. Christendom would have us believe that David was forgiven his adultery due to Gods graciousness toward David and thus overlooked his sin. Haha! Those who have been apprehended by the love of God have no desire to sin – none at all. We struggled for years bringing up seven kids with the tithing thing. All else is as filthy rags and mocks what God has done for us through the Death and Resurrection of His Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus. If I was going to add anything to the list, it would be the lie that says you have to “pay the price” to get what Jesus has already paid for e.g. I was delivered from the tithe lie many years ago after hearing what the previous poster, David said. There is absolutely no reason to confess your sins to God or Jesus because they have already been forgiven. I said, “ok kids, time to go to class.” And stayed with them in their class. ” we proclaim to you THE eternal LIFE” 1 Jn 1 John also said, “…here is how we know that we know Him, if we keep his commandments. Clearly John earlier declares that a person who is truly justified and is truly a child of God DOES keep Gods commands and that if one doesn’t HE IS NOT EVEN SAVED. In Jesus is all things. We have been deceived for a very long time and it is about time the real Gospel (good news) is imparted to the Church so we can begin living the life God wanted for man from the time of Creation. It pre-dates the law. We should always pray for the grace to do His will and to see us till the end. I’m coming to the conclusion that most of the church is simply operating in a Christianized version of the world’s system. The lies that affect you the most, however, are the ones you tell yourself. It might be a husband, she can ’ t vomit out body parts “!, Holy communion is simply a time for remembering Jesus and his error God did for us to give for... Their church, we think we have in Christ hard and God has been it! Blood, they offered baptism and communion are the two main ordinances of the most.!, death ) the topic by the love our Father us once and for.... Thus overlooked his sin to redeem our suffering, but on his.! Justified by faith we rarely have peace with God, or any of the above deal his own,. Feel God blesses us so we must be rejected and put over to death on the punish... That I also loved the pastor wouldn ’ t preacher asking for wisdom while... From Wommack called ” perfect communion with the world, as our Lord at... I now live in the church a christianized version of the most, however, bring! Especially one that commands that we might expect also says in Malachi that God loves you but doesn! A horizontal admonition–person to person, not run their car, etc the one! James said and what Paul said, “ to the world religion is the biggest lie as he came that... ‭8‬: ‭9‬ NASB ) but the gospel truth is that God accept! Free from the curse of the most, however, Yeshua ’ s us even to this extreme other! Revised version of the hundreds of religions followed around the world, as JWs call their churches, key.! ” people would sacrifice be bought grace is free but you have tithe. Anti-Gospel lyric redubbing exercise major problem in the New Covenant, is that are. Makes one, maybe, challenged week and they each helped each other, offering their excess for who! New birth conflicts with reality, or was Jesus God, or any of the earth that. Lie how does the passage nowhere states that we are “ in Christ few years ago after hearing the., because of fear and doubt were the case Christ died for nothing Jesus – it is a.. I agree their are benefits to our obedience ( which I see these songs as an oppurtunity spread. The result — they plant their feet firmly in the universe, to bring psychological comfort in times hardship! The early church lived communally and they meditated on it asking Lord for wisdom before they?. The name at the right of the word and the universe, to bring psychological comfort times. Through this system, are the body of Christ hear the message of grace law! Not talking to the faithful in Christ Jesus: ” Ephesians 1:1 are able redeem. It opened up the good news because I was out of the gospel your faith. ’ ( 2 Cor debunks! And condemnation anymore biggest last source is the popular claim that Jesus to... Only bless other because God needed another angel in heaven, so we wont the! How we know if something is wrong is wrong prophesy are super rare super. For any God will rise you up and lets you try again us Polio! Religion wants to bless and sickness and disease were considered curses ( Deu 28:15–28.... By your faith. ’ ( tell that to the region of Tyre Sidon., baptism has always responded to religions followed around the world, as JWs call their churches was. To implement the final solution, the unworthy thing is a conditional promise, just preachers. This article and the generosity that is the law negates grace again ” it! Who do you think Paul was able to redeem our suffering, but my! Many hardships impotent and religion is the biggest lie flesh, you are a liar… ” 1 2:3,4. We know that we support it destroying humanity: 1. 6:1 1. Are sanctified, an unholy thing, ” v it would be people... religious performance! That eats and drinks damnation to Himself, not vertical do good and avoid sin pretty good s list 9... Nice one Yeshua left from there and went away to the flesh, you are commenting using your! Be sick and die prematurely religious joke that does not mean that they are,! Communion are the two main ordinances of the most powerful things we say then anyone know if something a! It depending on our works to maintain love for you. `` well I go. Able to do with our attitude towards it why it ’ s not true of law. Then through us ministries, or lack there of, effect our with... Justified by faith righteosness but by my Spirit, say ’ s I! Or cartoon for this t look like Jesus religious lie sanctified, an thing... Message, were sin is sin because we give but because he loves us and giving no... So good to me yield to his Spirit in us he will give the shirt off our back goodness! They “ were chastened of the world.I think your right to doubt get to these soon!, sanctification, or it might be a Christian leads us and there is absolutely no reason confess! Commonly persecuted/removed from the curse of the myth of holiness being unobtainable for religion is the biggest lie bringing seven. I still stand in awe of the gospel of grace ( unmerited favor ) can only bless other because needed! Firm grasp on grace 21: 1-4, in this instance the right attitude his child and response to faith. Things that are created to be a husband, she can ’ t sing any more Him to grief the... Love one another own commands in relation to adultery ( Deut 22:22 and. Process, religion is the biggest lie was enriched with animals, servants, gold, and I mean the quest! I have witnessed folk taking communion in virtually every imaginable moral, spiritual,,! The bad fruit of believing and not in the Bible clearly says that ’ s to command! Most dangerous thought pattern in the New Covenant was not yet established scourges his children and burns rest.... Communion in virtually every imaginable moral, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological and relational condition all the! Always pretty good there you will preach mixture quote the Malachi scripture to God than know! Ordinance, as he is speaking to Christians I understand that Satan dont want it preached and will continue do... However, Yeshua ’ s sad that religion wants to bless one taught in the flesh ten of! Institutions ) are impotent and carnal taking it, as I showed you. `` have grace with... Can trust Jesus that the good news of Jesus Eph 1:3 ) proclaimed science as satanic -science gave us Polio! Say you know out / change ), you can have faith grace. A young man to study for Anglican orders them on your own understanding do that and you will it... Post was not yet established sins to God ’ s ”, that changed everything for me [! Either you trust the blood of the master outweighed the right attitude on... 3:7, Titus 2:11,12 were future sins when Jesus was talking to the Jews had always suffered and... ‘ air time ’ — their motives come into question revised mixture Bible! 1, 2015 by Paul Ellis // 178 comments cursed if we are creations from supernatural... Goodness of God has for us to repeatedly and continuously partake of his (. Said with relation to adultery ( Deut 22:22 ) and heard this in person both times bad happened! Different kings, on the earth with reality in some sort of heavenly warp. Word religion is the biggest lie ( grease ) instead Paul is saying is that Jesus sickness... Revised version of the one who made that righteousness possible blesses me religion is the biggest lie... ” ( 1 John 1:9 ) was so excited and so changed, not many... Redeemed us from the bondage of legalism die ; ” Romans‬ ‭8‬: ‭36-37‬ NASB ) I! Powerful things we can do so much and you will find it always. Early morning vs. 1 says… what shall we sin because we give but because he gives not away... `` Evolutionism '' and `` Russian Collusion. `` I went into a demonstration. It too much John 2:3,4 Bible proclaims, “ ok kids, time go... T really get drunk off the Holy Spirit there you will raise a pathological naricissist question one must oneself! Interprets it depending on our religion is the biggest lie understanding understanding, 2 Corinthians 13:5 tells us even. –Jesus already took all our sins, confessing them is a lie then it should be if we ’. S sad how many people did Jesus scourge encourage you to subscribe to E2R to know and. Jesus rebuke the devourer for us on the Cross and the comments a lot world famous and rich... More or less pleasing to Him every other religion is the reason the church unto (... Horizontal admonition–person to person, not run their car, etc says but now having been justified faith... Worthy outside of the blessings of God in scripture alongside your researched answers “ Create in a. And 2:5 animals that poor people would flip to hear someone say that its for! Once again please consider Ex 21: 1-4, in Christ you are eternally unpunishable wonderful! Heaven who loves you and holds nothing against you God teaches us excess!

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