UNICO 20ºN 87ºW Changes the All-Inclusive Game in Mexico

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UNICO 20ºN 87ºW Changes the All-Inclusive Game in MexicoThe all-inclusive concept isn’t new, but a luxury, adults-only property where spa treatments, golf and excursions are part of that inclusion is. Opened in March 2017, 20N 87W Unico is changing the all-inclusive game in Mexico.

Like traditional all-inclusive properties, UNICO 20˚87˚, located on Riviera Maya, includes room, meals, drinks and on property entertainment and water activities, in addition to the unexpected inclusions.

Spa divas will find a multitude of treatments available for nothing more than a gratuity. Classics like the Swedish massage or the age-defying facial or more exotic offerings like The Shaman Wrap or the Volcanic Stone massage, are available on an unlimited basis during your stay. Manicures, pedicures and hair services are offered through the salon.

With such a deal dangling in front of me, I decided to make a spa day of it with the signature massage plus a manicure and pedicure. I arrive at the spa early to take advantage of the hydrotherapy pools, Hammam, steam and sauna areas. I’ve noticed that every time I’m at a Mexican resort spa, the locker room attendants are overly attentive and that trend continues here. I am followed around as if I were assigned a bodyguard. While some may welcome that level of service, it tends to stress me out, which is the opposite effect a spa wants to have. I manage to convey I need some alone time and happily I’m left to enjoy the facilities and relaxation areas at my own pace. I love the hanging egg-like wicker swing chairs and the loungers overlooking a wooded area.

UNICO 20ºN 87ºW Changes the All-Inclusive Game in MexicoThe massage follows a basic Swedish protocol, although my therapist switches more to a deep massage, point specific technique when I ask him to work deeper and he realizes the level of knots in my shoulders. The pedicure and manicure are relaxing, but I noticed that the polish on my fingers chipped while I was still on property, probably due to the intense humidity. This means I needed to give them more time to dry. The entire spa day cost just under $50, a bargain hard to find outside of Southeast Asia.

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