Try the New Fitness Craze: Stand-up Paddle Board Yoga

Stand-up paddle board is a new sport that’s taken the outdoor community by storm. I hadn’t had the chance to experience it until a long weekend in Coronado when I not only decided to tackle paddle boarding, but decided to throw yoga into the mix for an even crazier challenging adventure.

When I told friends I was going to try paddleboard yoga they looked at me askance and asked what it was.  I told them it was exactly what it sounded like, yoga on a paddleboard in the middle of a body of water.  The more times I explained it, the weirder it sounded and I wondered what I was getting myself into.  I had never surfed or had much experience with water sports and while I do yoga it isn’t a passion of mine.

So once on Coronado when SUP Coronado owner Vicki called the day before the lesson to question me about my open water skills and mentioned ocean swells  I was wondering how much time would be spent in downward dog vs. how much time would be spent doing dead man’s crawl in the water!

To make it easier on a first-timer we decide to go into the protected waters of Coronado Bay instead of the ocean.  I was given a board a bit wider than the typical paddleboard and a wetsuit and then Vicki and I hit the water.  She instructed me on basic paddle boarding techniques like stance, stroke and board positioning while we paddled under the Coronado Bridge.  After about 20 minutes of paddling we found a calm spot to begin the yoga class.  Taught by Mariel Myers, a yoga instructor with the Hotel Del Cornado, we worked on classic poses like downward dog, plank and warrior.  As I got more comfortable performing the asanas on a board Mariel incorporated some twists and even a bit of flow.  Amazingly I never fell from the board.

The class runs about one and one-half hours and costs $100.


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