Travel Diet Recipe: Post Workout Cookies

Post Workout Cookies-One & Only Le Saint Geran

Post workout cookies

Post workout cookies

I just returned from the One & Only Le Saint Géran, a five-star resort on the idyllic island of Mauritius.  Sitting in the middle of the ocean, Mauritius is blessed with a stunning setting and a fantastic hotel in the One & Only property.  While these workout snacks were hidden away in the gym, the temperature and water activities the resort offers make an outdoor workout the way to go.  No worries, they were just as delicious after my kayak journey.  I was also impressed that three cookies had just about 100 calories.  Now that is an indulgence that is totally Travel Diet approved!  So I had to get the recipe from the hotel to share with you.  The recipe uses grams, so I’ve included this handy dandy conversion calculator.


HEALTHY COOKIES Chef Christel Germain
Quick-cooking rolled oats gm 235
Whole wheat flour gm 155
Baking powder Teaspoon Half
Bicarbanate of soda Teaspoon Half
Ground cinnamon Teaspoon 1
Ground allspice Teaspoon 8
Salt gm 2
Olive oil gm 90
Light brown sugar gm 120
Large white egg pc 1
Vanilla extract Teaspoon 2
Honey gm 50
Sunflower seed gm 70
Raisin sultana gm 200
sesame seed gm 70
Fresh apple diced pcs 2
Dry plum chopped gm 100


Mix all together the ingredients except sunflower seed, raisin sultana and sesame seed.

Divide the mix into 25 balls, to give cookies shape and put on oven sheet

Add on the cookies the sunflower seed, raisin and sesame seed.

Cooking: 170 degree 12-15mins

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  1. It’s 6.30 in the morning here in England, and I want cookies now! 😀

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