Transform into a Mythical Mermaid at The Fairmont Scottsdale

Ever since The Little Mermaid came out, little (and big!) girls have fantasized about being a princess under the sea. Now thanks to the Mermaid adventure programs this summer at the Fairmont Scottsdale it’s easy to transform into a mythical mermaid.

For adults who want to release their inner child, try the Mermaid and Mai Tai class offered the first Saturday in August and September from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Well & Being Spa pool.

My friend and I were excited to live out our mermaid/Disney Princess fantasy when we took part in the July class. The first order of business for mermaids-in-training is to get in touch with your inner mermaid by selecting a fin and bandeau top. Like a true princess, I go with pretty in pink.

The spa pool is reserved for the class, so there is no worry of looking silly, a human and decidedly unmermaid like emotion.

We meet the other five girls and our Mermaid leader, Willow, on the pool deck. Before we transform into mermaids, Willow introduces us to her Pirate pool boys who are there to serve the mermaids, performing important tasks like taking pictures and making sure the drinks are accessible from the water. I do not recommend becoming a mermaid without a swashbuckling pirate nearby 😉

Transform into a Mythical Mermaid at The Fairmont Scottsdale

Willow Mermaid

To prepare to morph into mermaids, Willow applies glitter to my face, because duh, mermaids sparkle. She also teaches our group how to put on our tail, and how to get out of it if we need to quickly become human again.

I wiggle into the tail, sure my shimming looks anything but mermaid graceful. But once it’s on the transformation is complete and Willow tells me the only thing left to do is wait to see what my mermaid name is…and to let our pirate mate take pictures while I wet me pipes with a Mai Tai.

Transform into a Mythical Mermaid at The Fairmont Scottsdale

With our mermaid transformation documented for posterity, Willow explains how mermaids undulate their bodies to swim so we dive in to give it a try. Full disclosure, I was a mermaid briefly in a past life so I already had some experience under the sea. However, when Willow sees how I take to the water she exclaims I am like a dolphin and christens me Delphina. Works for me.

In the water we work on swimming, turning gracefully and raising our tails out of the sea. While some other mermaid classes focus on fitness (lugging a tail around requires core work!), the class here is about pure fun. While I’m all about working out, for me becoming a mermaid is about stepping outside of myself for an hour and not having to act like an adult. The class should be about being playful and silly and simply doing something to do it for no other reason than it’s fun. We splash around more and dive for pirate booty buried at the bottom of the pool. I feel like I’m five and I love it.

Transform into a Mythical Mermaid at The Fairmont Scottsdale

I am surprised to learn that class participants get to keep our tail and top. I am jealous that my friend Katie has a pool and can transform into “Katiefin” whenever she wants. Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if  Delphina show’s up to my gym’s pool….

For little guppies that want to become mermaids too, the Fairmont offers Mermaid University at Sunset Beach with two classes every Saturday and one class each Sunday until Labor Day. Mermaid and Mai Tai is $119 and Mermaid University is $99. All participants must know how to swim.


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