The Holy Grail of Fitness?

Pedal away the fat

The dream of everyone when it comes to weight loss is the ability to target fat loss. We’ve all heard it’s impossible to spot tone, but what if it’s not? Could Hypoxi be the Holy Grail of fitness we’re all seeking in 2016? Hypoxi is a new exercise program that combines…

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Behind the Scenes at The Biggest Loser

Hard Core Fitness

Anyone who has ever seen Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels push, prod, encourage and stretch Biggest Loser contestants to the edge with tough love designed to produce extreme weight transformations may be in equal parts interested and terrified of experiencing it for themselves. Thanks to the newest Bigger Loser Resort…

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Walk The World with Element Hotels

Element Hotels, Starwood’s reimagined hotel experience designed for today’s healthy and active traveler, today announced the launch of Walk the World with Element Hotels, Powered by Fitbit, a virtual “walk” around the world that encourages travelers across the globe to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road by logging…

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Ananda Launches a New Fitness Program

Ananda, a luxury wellness destination nestled in the Himalayas, has always been known for its ethereal side focusing on yoga, Ayruvedic and meditation, but now Ananda launches a new fitness program through a partnership with New Delhi based SUMAYA. World-Class Fitness   SUMAYA is the brainchild of Sumaya Dalmia, renowned for…

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Wellness Tips for Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week (May 10-16) is the perfect time to make a commitment to wellness with The Travel Diet’s wellness tips for Women’s Health Week.  Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, one of the top resorts in Phoenix, has an exceptionally strong fitness program led by Kara Thomas, fitness and wellness director and Misty Hyman, Olympic…

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