Switzerland is Bursting with Countrywide Wellness Experiences

Switzerland is Bursting with Countrywide Wellness ExperiencesThis article originally appeared in LuxeBeat Magazine

Spa Time in Switzerland

With its crisp mountain air, focus on outdoor sports and overall healthy lifestyle, Switzerland is bursting with wellness experiences.

In a country slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey, there are a whopping nine designated wellness areas in this alpine paradise.

My first stop is to explore the Weggis Vitnau Rigi region, which has six wellness hotels including my hotel, the Park Weggis, a member of the prestigious Swiss Deluxe Hotel network. The five-star Art Nouveau hotel is located on the shores of iconic Lake Lucerne and has private access to a park and beach. The 52-room property was the GaultMillau Hotel of the Year and is known for its spa, making it the perfect base to start a wellness tour of the country.

The hotel has classic rooms and suites in the main building, but I choose to stay closer to the spa in the new Adara suites. As I walked into the spacious modern suite, the first thing that jumps out is the raised platform housing the king-size bed. Sheer curtains form a circle around the bed. It makes quite a statement and I’m immediately smitten. The room also has a large bathtub with open shower. The manager later tells me that the curtain-less and door-less design often confuses people the first time they use it. A playful circular orange chair dominates the living room and the expansive balcony looks directly onto the lake.

Switzerland is Bursting with Countrywide Wellness Experiences

After a light lunch in La Brasserie I head to Sparkling Wellness, an East meets West spa that fuses classic Western therapies with Eastern modalities and design. I’m drawn to the extensive offering of Tibetan services that follow a 4,000 year-old treatment method called Ku Nye, designed to balance body and mind using oil and massage. Adding to the authenticity, the therapists who preform the treatments are from Tibet. The spa director tells me that my therapist’s sister who still lives in Tibet sends the oils used in my treatment to the spa.

I select the Himalaya Harmony full-body massage. The therapist applies the indigenous Tibetan oil liberally to my back and then uses a variety of massage strokes and techniques, starting with a lighter pressure and moving deeper and focusing on points and meridians in my body. As a spa writer I’ve had many massages in my life and this one stood out for relieving pain, while also being deeply relaxing to the point that I fall asleep on the table.

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