Sweet Savannah-A Culinary Journey Through America’s Most Beautiful City

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Sweet Savannah
This article originally appeared in Great Golf Magazine

Fixin’ For a Foodie Tour in Savannah

If y’all are looking for a quintessential Southern foodie experience with nearly 300 years of history and hauntings thrown in, Savannah, Georgia, should be on your mind. Here we go on a culinary journey of America’s most beautiful city.

Savannah is arguably America’s most beautiful city centre and the entire downtown area is a National Historic Landmark District, the largest in the US. What makes Savannah unique is its 22 squares, and no visit would be complete without strolling around them. Enjoy the oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss, mansions dating to the 1700s and historic churches, like the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, a top 10 landmark site in the US according to TripAdvisor.

When gourmets think of Southern food towns, Charleston, South Carolina, two hours north, gets all the glory, but Savannah is trying to grab a piece of the culinary pie. Admittedly, it’s been an upward road according to local food TV celebrity Jesse Blanco of Eat it and Like It.

“The majority of tourists still want good old Southern food,” says Blanco. “But there are a lot of creative things here that go beyond fried green tomatoes.”

The astronomic rents in the historic district have kept independent chefs away, and for years the food scene was geared to the palate of rural Southerners who vacationed here. It’s the influx of New Yorkers and Bostonians, thanks to new direct flights, that is causing Savannah cuisine to elevate.

“There is far more of a food culture here than five years ago,” explains Blanco. “There are a lot of outside investors eyeballing this city as a place to open new restaurants.”

However, when you’re coming to the South, you definitely need to experience traditional Southern cooking and the place to do that is Mrs Wilkes Dining Room for lunch.

The line starts an hour or more before opening, but don’t worry, according to Blanco by the time the doors open you will have new friends to dine with at the communal tables. Feast on fried chicken, sweet potato soufflé, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, biscuits and more.

Georgia is quickly becoming known for barbeque and to get the best in the area you’ll have to jump in your car or get a taxi over to Wiley’s Championship BBQ. Wiley and his wife Janet are still in the joint each day, and once you start them talking about BBQ you’ll feel like you’ve learned enough to be a pit master by the end of the meal. I opted for chicken marinated and smoked with hickory, with a side of sweet potato and collards (greens). There are several different sauces for your meat, but if you don’t go with the Better than Sex sauce, you’re missing out! Save room for the banana pudding, which Janet makes daily from scratch.

To continue the culinary tour of Savannah, click here to read the article on Great Golf Magazine. 

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