Stand-out Spa Ritual

Gainsborough Bath Hotel’s Stand-out Spa Ritual

In a busy marketplace, spas are constantly trying to differentiate themselves. In my travels, I see lots of spas focus on putting a local spin on a treatment, (good) to spas doing gimmicky services like golf ball massage (really?). On a recent stay at the Gainsborough Bath Spa, the much hyped luxury hotel that opened late last year in Bath, England, I saw one of the most unique approaches to making a spa stand out that I have seen anywhere.

Stand-out spa ritual

The ultra luxe way to take the Bath waters

I love when a luxury hotel with a great spa lets its guests use the spa facilities gratis, and the Gainsborough lets all lucky enough to stay take the waters through its hour-long bath circuit of pools, saunas and steam.


When I arrive, I’m invited to meet with the aromatherapy mixologist at the essential oil bar. I fill out a questionnaire ticking boxes about how I want to feel after I leave the spa with choices from less jet lagged (yes please) to have better digestion (how did you know?) to be more calm (serenity now) As I read through it my friend and I joke that there should just be a select all box.


While I’m filling out the form, a tray with cool lavender scented towel arrives, as well as a drink mixture that my Zen bartender whisks together. The drink is essentially an in-house kombucha.

Stand-Out Spa Ritual

Homemade Kambucha

After the aromatherapy guru reads my sheet he gives me several base essential oils to smell. I select one that has a neroli scent and from there he chooses three other oils to complement the blend. These are mixed with salts in a little pouch. He tells me to inhale the scents from the mixture when I’m in the sauna and steam rooms and let them do their magic to fix what ails me.

Stand-out spa ritual

The cure for what ails you


This relaxing, interactive and interesting introduction to the spa sets the tone for everything that comes after. In terms of spa branding it’s a complete win.


Special for Travel Diet Readers!

If you want to experience the Gainsborough Bath Spa for yourself, if you book directly with the hotel for a Sunday through Thursday stay, you’ll receive a complimentary bottle of champagne and a complimentary treatment in the Spa Village.

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