Red Door Spa Launches New Skincare Line

Scottsdale is awash in resort spas that encourage day-long relaxation and revitalization, but what if you’re in need of a facial or massage and pressed for time?  A good day spa is harder to find.  Happily the traditional Red Door Spa, a wellness staple since the first opened in 1910, has revamped and is a modern oasis catering to busy professionals in the Biltmore area.

The spa moved to a new digs at the Biltmore and has a very definite city-spa feel in its compact, but not cramped space.  Lighting and soothing colors help even the most harried worker decompress.

In addition to a new space, The Red Door Spa just launched an entirely new line of signature products it now uses in treatments and sells retail.  The Red Door Spa Professional is a skincare and body line featuring active botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins that nourish, protect, heal and highlight all types of skin.  It is a results-oriented line created so guests can get the same Red Door quality at home after their service.

 Revitalizing foaming gel cleanser

New Red Door Professional Revitalizing Gel Cleanser

The products are grouped into different lines including those for sensitive, normal, dry and oily skin.  Additionally there are targeted solutions for specific concerns like anti-aging, acne, spots and general exfoliation.

The easiest way to determine the ideal mix of products for your skin type is to book the Red Door Signature Facial.  This 75-minute service incorporates a traditional European facial, with the spa’s special facial massage techniques.

I recently experienced the signature facial.  Besides being treated to a relaxing treatment and deep skin cleanse, I left with my prescription of products from the new line including;

  • Revitalizing Foaming Gel Cleanser-Created for normal skin it uses active botanicals, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid to aid in skin cell turnover.
  • Illuminating Glycolic Exfoliating Pads-These are an easy way to remove dead skin cells which can cause dull looking skin.
  • Illuminating Smoothing Serum-Because of two small sun spots I have, the Serum with its mix of Vitamin C, rose stem cell and resveratrol was recommended to reduce the discoloration.
  • Age Defense Multi-Peptide Eye Concentrate—this eye cream reduces redness and puffiness while increasing firmness and promoting collagen production.

To get your own prescription for tailor-made skin products, visit





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