Nanaimo Bar Pedicure: A Calorie-Free Indulgence in British Columbia

You know when a town is known for its dessert, it’s got to be one hell of a dessert!  Nanaimo, located on the British Columbia Coast, claim to fame is the decadent Nanaimo bar.  This no-bake, dish begins with a wafer crumb crust topped by vanilla custard that is then covered with melted chocolate.

Chocolate is good for the sole

To experience this treat Fitglobetrotter style try the Nanaimo Bar Trail Pedicure at the city’s Kiyo Day Spa.  The hour-long treatment begins with a leisurely milk bath soak for your feet before a chocolate scrub is applied to remove all those nasty calluses and rough spots.  A rich chocolate masque seals in moisture before the therapist soothes sore spots with a foot and leg massage using a vanilla custard scented lotion.  Your favorite color polish completes the decadent, but calorie-free service.

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