Mermaid for a Day

A Flippin’ Fun Core Workout at The Phoenician


When the temperatures approach 115 in the desert, what’s a girl to do? Get her inner mermaid on of course! This summer, guests of The Phoenician in Scottsdale have the opportunity to experience the first AquaMermaid school in the U.S.


As a girl, the chance to play Ariel was too fun to pass up, not to mention that swimming under the sea is a hell of a core workout!

Mermaid for a Day

A Fairytale Fantasy at The Phoenician

First things first, I have to find a tail and fin that match my bikini top. I expected the tail to be a thick, inflexible material, instead it was like putting on a pair of Lycra cycling shorts. Getting into the fins is as easy as the ones you would wear snorkeling or diving. Tail on, it’s time to pose for pictures—Expect to spend a few minutes doing this because everyone in your class is going to need a mermaid selfie. Classes can be as large as 10, but mine was just my friend and I.

Mermaid for a Day

Mermaid posing

With my new profile picture snapped, it’s time to slither into the pool. During the kids classes the focus is on the fairytale element, but for the adult lesson, AquaMermaid is a true fitness class. Created in Canada, AquaMermaid is designed to work the core, glutes and legs, while also being artistic and low-impact.

Mermaid for a Day

Learning to be a mermaid

The first thing we do when we get in the water (after taking more pictures!) is to get a feel for no longer having independent leg movement and how to move the tail up and down to propel throughout the water. My friend is a master swimmer and she likened the basic underwater movement to doing the butterfly stroke. Imagine your butt jetting up and down while flapping your tail and you have the picture. If you can swim or dance, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Mermaid for a Day

Tails up!

During the class we practice the underwater glide and then attempt to dive through a hoop while elegantly displaying our tail out of the water. Disney makes it look easier than it is. My favorite move is the handstand. As a kid I loved to be in the water and doing gymnastics was my favorite part. As an adult mermaid, I find that it’s a bit more challenging to flip my legs, er fin, out of the water. But once I got it, I loved it. At the end of the class, my friend and I attempt to create a synchronized routine. If this were the Olympics, we’d have got a 10 for laughter.

Each class lasts an hour. You’ll want to wear a swimsuit and bring goggles, nose plugs (I wish I had these!), camera and a sense of humor. AquaMermaid school is in session until Sept. 5, 2016 at the Oasis Pool Complex – West side. And for you guys, Mermen are welcome as well! Each class is $70. To book call 480 423 2572

Children – ages 7-13: Friday 4pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am
Teens & Adults – ages 14+: Friday 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am


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