ISPA Research on Male Spa Goer Filled With Surprises



What do spas and kitchens have in common?  They both used to be considered the domain of females, but that is changing on both fronts.


At the 2013 International Spa Association (ISPA) conference held in October in Las Vegas, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) unveiled its research into trends of the male spa-goer.  And it’s clear that the spa is now a sanctuary of wellness for both women and men.


PWC surveyed 1,000 men across the United States to get a profile of the 2013 male spa goer.  Research found that 47% of a spa’s clientele is male and that 28% of men had been to a spa within the last year.


The typical male spa client is 25-44-years-old, is at a managerial level or above and earns over $50,000 annually.  The number one reason men go to the spa is to reduce stress, therefore it’s not surprising that massage continues to be their favorite service.  Over 83% of men had received massage, but only 15% had tried wrinkle reduction services. 


Surprisingly though, men are very interested in trying other, more unusual services.  51% said they would try hydrotherapy, 47% would do mind/body treatments and acupuncture and 45% were interested in aromatherapy.


Male spa clients  pick spas based on amenities, ambiance, cleanliness and expert therapists.


The survey found that men who travel more, also spa more.



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