The Holy Grail of Fitness?

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The dream of everyone when it comes to weight loss is the ability to target fat loss. We’ve all heard it’s impossible to spot tone, but what if it’s not? Could Hypoxi be the Holy Grail of fitness we’re all seeking in 2016?

The holy grail of fitness

Hypoxi is a new exercise program that combines low impact exercise, vacuum and compression technology and healthy eating to turn on your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms in problem areas. The idea is that compression and vacuum increases blood flow and circulation, which in turns tells your metabolism to GO GO GO. With the compression focused on your problem areas the blood flows there, thereby targeting stubborn fat.

The holy grail of fitness

A Hypoxi client after 12 Sessions and 8.1 inches lost.


Now, I’m already in shape, but as any girl, regardless of dress size would tell you, we ALL have areas of our body that we nitpick and obsess over. For me, I’m certain that whatever fat I have got together and decided to have a party on my stomach. While it looks flat enough in clothes, it’s not the washboard Shape magazine abs of my dreams. The idea that Hypoxi could help get rid of the fat that no amount of diet or crunches has been able to do is seductive.


To that end, I’m doing a 12-session program. Brooke, master trainer of the Hypoxi studio in Scottsdale, tells me that the average person loses six to 12 inches during this time. That seems like a remarkable amount in such a short time, I admit I’m skeptical.


During my first session, I meet with Brooke to discuss my goals (chiseled abs please!) and to take measurements of my hips, waist, stomach, butt, legs, and even knees. We talk about my current exercise routine (seven days a week at the gym) and my nutrition (clean +wine). She tells me that on the days I do Hypoxi, I need to skip the gym or allow 4-6 hours between workouts so as not to mess up the post-Hypoxi fat burn. Woo-hoo a get out of gym pass! Thankfully she does not suggest a get out of wine pass.


What makes it seem even more too good to be true is that the exercise you have to do buy alli online is easy. Depending on the areas of your body you’re targeting and your fitness level you’ll either do a recumbent bike inside a Hypoxi compression pod, a stationary bike inside the pod or walk/jog on a treadmill wearing a suit (think wetsuit) that hooks up via long tubes to a vacuum and compression machine.

The holy grail of fitness

Pedal away the fat



But before working out I do a 20-minute session of Dermology. It’s a passive treatment, meaning all I have to do is lie there and zone out while the technology goes to work using negative and positive pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce water retention. For women with cellulite it is supposed to also help with that.

The holy grail of fitness

No effort required on the dermology machine.

To do dermology I’m put into a suit that looks like sumo wrestler meets snow skier. Once zipped in, I lay down and the technician wraps all the material around me to create a tight fit and then she hooks up the vacuum tubes. Inside the suit are about 400 big plastic bubbles that look like Octopus skin. During the session these bubbles alternate between suction and releasing while I lie there zoning out to Zen music in the dark. I’m still trying to find words to describe the feel. It’s not unpleasant at all, like some sort of bubble dance across my body.


The only problem is now I’m totally chill and it’s time to jump on the treadmill. For this one, I wear a short wetsuit that has about 200 bubbles inside of it and I’m hooked up to the vacunaut. Here’s where we’re hoping to sweep away stomach fat! The idea is to keep me in fat burning zone, so a pretty low heart rate. The only problem is that despite cranking up the speed, it’s hard for me to hit that rate on a treadmill without running, something I hate to do. I’m afraid in future sessions I’m going to have to jog. #ihaterunning


Stay tuned to The Travel Diet to read the results of Hypoxi. In the meantime if you want to read about the results that my friend and founder of Fab AZ, Cynthia Sassi, achieved, click here. And if you’re in need of a quick New Year’s Detox program to negate all your holiday eating and drinking, explore Paleta’s five-day cleanse.

*Individual results may very. Hypoxi offered the writer the opportunity to experience the program at no cost.

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