Hilton Head Health Scores Ex-Miraval CEO

Michael Tompkins, new CEO at Hilton Head Health

Michael Tompkins, new CEO at Hilton Head Health

In a surprise move, Michael G. Tompkins, the current Chairman of ISPA, announced his retirement from Miraval and joined Hilton Head Health.

Hilton Head Health is making a play to become a leading wellness destination with a massive expansion over the next six months in terms of physical space and programming.

Some of the things on tap for the resort include:

  • The new Indigo Spa is currently under construction (Indigo means deep inner discovery and was also one of the three main crops native to Hilton Head) estimated completion Christmas 2014.
  • A 30-room Inn is underway. Previously Hilton Head Health guests stayed in rental condos. The hotel is expected to open late spring 2015.
  • True restaurant was completely renovated and a new lounge space and menu were added.

Hilton Head Health is offering three new program tracks:

  • LoseWell – The Hilton Head Health weight loss program is an intense, 4 week program for people looking to lose 40lbs or more.
  • LiveWell –This is a week long program for people who need to lose 10 -30 pounds, or who need a quick reboot to get back on track.
  • PlayWell – Launching this Fall, this package will focus on all the fun recreational outdoor offerings you can do on Hilton Head –golf, beach yoga, parasailing, walking tours of Historic Savannah, paddle boarding, kayaking etc.  A perfect example of The Travel Diet in action!
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