Guest Rooms Masquerading as Fitness Centers

Remember when the fitness room at your hotel was in some dark, dank basement, consisted of a treadmill and an elliptical and maybe a handful of weights? Those days are gone. Today with wellness travel booming fitness is a focal point for any resort. The hottest trend are guest rooms masquerading as fitness centers.

All of InterContinental Hotel Group’s Even properties have in-room fitness options that include a foam roller, yoga mat, yoga block and core exercise ball. Guests can also request the Even Hotels Trainer, a mounted fitness wall with a stretch brand and braided cords. The brand also developed several fitness videos that show guests different ways to use the equipment.

Get Fit without ever leaving your room

Less reading, more crunches!

“Guests really want flexibility, and having the ability to choose whether you do a class, strength train or work out in your room provides the options they need to fit their lifestyle and schedule,” said Jason Moskal, VP of lifestyle brands, The Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group.

Moskal said the No. 1 insight IHG has learned from guests was that they didn’t have access to equipment or classes that met their needs when they traveled. Even was designed to match its offering to what guests wanted.

Westin was a leader in this when they launched the WestinWorkout Rooms in 2005.

Sleep, pedal, repeat

Sleep, pedal, repeat

Brian Povinelli, Westin Hotels & Resorts’ global brand leader, said that while on property, guests are encouraged to utilize all of the Westin programs and amenities designed to promote well-being, including the fully-equipped WestinWorkout Rooms, that let guests to exercise in the privacy and comfort of their own rooms.

“Outfitted with advanced cardio equipment ideal for high-performance workouts, WestinWorkout Rooms are the perfect solution for guests committed to maintaining personal wellness on the road,” Povinelli said. “The type of equipment installed in each room depends on the size of the guestroom, which varies depending on property size and location.”

The special guest rooms are equipped with cardio equipment, yoga mats and stability balls. Like the Even hotels, Westin offers training videos.

Do it Travel Diet Style:

This one is easy. Simply book the room and use it!

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