Cheers! New Tequila Treatments at Agave Spa

Westin Kierland’s Agave Spa Launches Signature Tequila Treatments


Say tequila and most of my friends cringe a bit thinking back to ill-advised college escapades. While I don’t have a tequila aversion, I find that whether straight up or even in mixed drinks, it’s damn potent, so when I heard about the Agave Spa at the Westin Kierland’s new signature tequila treatments I thought it was the perfect way for this spa girl to finally enjoy this spirit.

Mixing up the tequila for a great Agave Spa treatment

Mixing up the tequila for a great Agave Spa treatment

While it makes sense for a spa named Agave to have tequila in its signature services (tequila comes from the agave plant) it wasn’t until the Westin’s Waltz & Weiser Whiskey Bar partnered with the Casa Herradura distillery to create a signature tequila of Double Barrel Reposado for the bar that spa director Tony Nicastro got inspired.

Maybe it was over a night of tequila (he won’t say) but however Nicastro drew inspiration, the result is spa bliss.

Tequila is combined with lime to produce products that are cleansing, astringent and skin conditioning.

I recently tried the Tequila Lime Revive massage. The service is designed to be a massage that is done to the client’s tastes. For me that means deep tissue. I tell her to be especially brutal as there was a knot in my shoulder that would win any sailor first place in a knot tying contest. The product combination is designed to increase circulation that encourages tight muscles to relax. So many massages are similar but this one adds a unique twist with a hand and foot scrub.

New Tequila treatments debut at Agave Spa

New Tequila treatments debut at Agave Spa

I joked with the therapist that we should do a shot at the end of the treatment and I wasn’t too far off. After the treatment, I’m handed a glass of Agave Limeade Margarita to sip and relax. Thankfully, the drink tastes as if there is no alcohol in it. Or maybe that’s just massage brain talking. (drink comes with the services through May 31)

In addition to the massage, the spa also offers a Tequila Lime Refresh Facial and a Salted Lime & Tequila manicure and pedicure.

There’s never been a better Travel Diet way to enjoy tequila. Cheers!

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