Can TravelING be as Luxurious as Travel?

For me luxury travel is an amazing hotel, relaxing spa treatments, impeccable service and some excellent food and wine. Never once have I considered the process of traveling to be luxurious, but why shouldn’t it be? Does air or road travel have to be stressful, uncomfortable and a one-star experience when the rest of the trip is five-star? Can travelING be as luxurious as travel?

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of leading conversations on this topic in cities across the country with Lincoln Motor Company and other experts during panel discussions about luxury and wellness travel.

I’ve always simply accepted that my air travel was a necessary evil, and that road trips of any length were going to test my patience and require a chiropractic adjustment or massage upon arrival, but that may change, especially if start saving my pennies to get the Lincoln Continental when it goes from concept to reality next year.

Luxury wellness on wheels. Lincoln Continental Concept Ca

Luxury wellness on wheels. Lincoln Continental Concept Car

The car exterior is gorgeous and has all the bells and whistles that you’d expect a luxury car designed to appeal to Gen Xers like myself would, but what makes me want this car is the seat. I didn’t really consider the seat in my current car-that was a mistake. I have no doubt it was created for a large, heavy man. As a small woman I’m swimming in the seat and struggle to find comfort. Every time I take it on a road trip I arrive at my luxury destination in pain. Great way to start a vacation eh?

Lincoln approached the design of the seat from the perspective of how to take stress away from the body. Designers thought outside the box and looked towards private aviation, office ergonomics and wellness for inspiration. The result is a revolutionary seat that adjusts in 30 ways and fits all body types. The engineers even wore hats with ponytails to make sure the headrest worked for women. That’s attention to detail.



“The next frontier to serve the luxury automotive client is a seat that conforms to and supports the body – a seat that feels as if it were personally tailored for you each time,” said Johnathan Line, Lincoln’s advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert.

The seat wraps around my body and envelopes me in a way my own car does not. My favorite adjustment is the independent leg supports. Sitting in the Lincoln seat, I can really believe that if I drove this car to San Diego I’d be more refreshed when I got there and less irritated in the process.

Luxury is everywhere in new Lincoln Continental concept

Luxury is everywhere in new Lincoln Continental concept

THIS should be the norm for luxury travel. The entire experience should be luxurious, and not only for the 1% that can afford private aviation or a car and chauffer.

In my mind, you don’t have luxury if you don’t also have wellness. Apparently, many people agree because the International Luxury Travel Mart reports that by 2040 90% of all luxury travel will have a health and wellness component. Having the automotive industry (and hopefully the commercial aviation industry-hint hint) care more about the impact that travel has physically and mentally on the passenger and design accordingly is a huge way to take traveling back to the days when it was seen as glamorous.

And you won’t have to wait until 2040 to make it happen in your own life, the Lincoln Continental goes on sale next year.

Would love to hear all opinions on how the travel industry can make the process of traveling more luxurious and comfortable, and how important is it to you?  Please weigh in!

Travel Diet Tips: 

  • Customize your current auto seat as best you can for your body
  • If your car doesn’t fit you consider external lumbar supports and other tools to make the ride more healthy
  • On an airplane get up and move
  • Stay hydrated on the road and in the air
  • Buy a Lincoln next year!
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