Can the Spa Help Stressed out 30 Somethings?

Can the Spa Help Stressed out 30 Somethings?

Who could be stressed out here?

30 is the new 50


Whaaaaat? An article in The Economist found that the proverbial midlife crisis is now hitting in your 30s instead of two decades later because careers are accelerating at the same time babies are arriving. Can the spa help stressed out 30 somethings?

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is tackling the new midlife crisis with a new wellness getaway geared toward women in their 30’s. The new ’30 Years Young’ package includes anti-aging spa and beauty treatments and metabolism-boosting fitness classes, as well as complimentary fitness assessments included for stays booked by June 15, 2016.Can the Spa Help Stressed out 30 Somethings?

The program targets the specific health and wellness goals of 30-somethings: anti-aging, stress-relief, boosting the metabolism, and fitness and skin assessments to help guests accurately gauge and adjust their health and beauty regimens for lifelong wellness. 

The issue: Aging Skin

At 30, cell turnover slows, the effects of sun damage begin to show, and fine lines start to appear. The 30 Years Young package includes Cal-a-Vie’s NewCellular Code Facial, which repairs skin on the cellular level by rejuvenating skin tissue with oxygenation and increased cellular production. The facial includes a silky soft serum that is quickly absorbed, providing dramatic results leading to a more youthful complexion.

The issue: Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, women in their 30’s are among the most stressed in America, juggling careers, finances and family, leaving little time for personal health.  The 30 Years Young package allows women to take a break from stress with dedicated Meditation experiences that teach how to become quiet, intuitive and wise in a hectic world. Guests can learn mindfulness practices, set intentions and experience guided visualizations in Cal-a-Vie’s restored 18th century French chapel or tranquil outdoor Labyrinth. The lessons focus on eliminating the burdens of stress and soothing the soul, teaching meditation as a life tool that can be used anytime, anyplace for greater peace and wellbeing.

Can the Spa Help Stressed out 30 Somethings?

Not a bad place to chill out.

The issue: Slowing Metabolism

Studies from the Southern California’s MemorialCare Center for Obesity show that the metabolism begins to slow around age 30, which means women may find weight easier to gain and harder to lose. Cal-a-Vie’s 30 Years Young program combats this issue with a diverse mix of fitness classes proven to boost metabolism long-term, including weight training, high intensity interval training. Yoga is included as part of the program to improve flexibility, along with MELT Method classes which teach the body to heal itself and fend off age-induced aches, pains and stiffness.

Book by June 15, 2016 and enjoy one of the following complementary gifts:

  • Bod Pod: The most innovative technology to measure body composition by assessing body fat and lean mass, one of the best indicators of overall health.
  • Reveal 3-D Imaging: An easy-to-understand skin evaluation. Beautiful skin can be a reality with the help of this 30-minute custom consultation. The consultation includes an easy-to-read report with pictures and recommendations for each guest’s individual skin care regimen.
  • 30-minute consultation with dietician/nutritionist

The 30 Years Young package also includes daily gourmet healthy meals, luxurious spa therapies and treatments, unlimited fitness classes, five-star accommodations, nutrition workshops and wellness lectures from industry leaders.

Rates start from $4,150. Book now for stays through December 11, 2016.



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