My First “Vacation” in 8 Years

I’m about to take my first “vacation” in 8 years.  Sure I’ve been to several countries and states this year already, but technically that was business.  I’m a travel writer. It’s my job. People often ask me if I go on vacation for fun and I look at them like …

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Ananda Launches a New Fitness Program

ananda yoga

Ananda, a luxury wellness destination nestled in the Himalayas, has always been known for its ethereal side focusing on yoga, Ayruvedic and meditation, but now Ananda launches a new fitness program through a partnership with New Delhi based SUMAYA. World-Class Fitness   SUMAYA is the brainchild of Sumaya Dalmia, renowned for …

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A Bumpy Ride to Brisbane and Sydney


It was a bumpy ride to Brisbane and Sydney with 15 ft. waves and strong winds.  We’re pitching forward to aft, with an occasional side to side roll thrown in just to keep us alert, so we’re having a quiet day today on the lower decks which are more stable.   Rainforest …

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Wellness Tips for Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week (May 10-16) is the perfect time to make a commitment to wellness with The Travel Diet’s wellness tips for Women’s Health Week.  Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, one of the top resorts in Phoenix, has an exceptionally strong fitness program led by Kara Thomas, fitness and wellness director and Misty Hyman, Olympic …

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Adventures in Borneo


Do you remember the old circus posters for the Wild Man of Borneo?  We certainly do, but haven’t found that wild man yet throughout our adventures in Borneo. Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world, and we have 3 stops here, 2 in Malaysia, and the other in …

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Scottsdale Summer 2015 Resort Deals

    Sure it may be 115 degrees in Scottsdale, Arizona in the summer, but when you can score cool deals at five star resorts does it matter? Here’s a roundup of some of the Travel Diet’s favorite Scottsdale Summer 2015 resort deals.   Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Zoom across a zip …

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No Thrilla In Manila

An electric elevated railway mass transport system (L) runs above petrol-powered vehicles (R) caught in a traffic jam on a Manila highway on June 3, 2008. A three-day Asia Clean Energy Forum opened on June 3 at the Asian Development Bank headquarters in Manila to address climate change and energy security and promote clean energy technology to help booming Asian countries plagued by energy and enviromental problems.   AFP PHOTO/Jay DIRECTO (Photo credit should read JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

  My Uncle Ray was stationed in the Philippines for quite a few years after WWII, so I was especially interested in visiting Manila, while Len just wanted to know where the Thrilla in Manila took place.  That’s the fight between Ali and Frazier some years ago.  I think we …

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Touring Taiwan

We had a fantastic day yesterday touring Taiwan.  I arranged a private tour for 16 of us, a very nice change from the ship buses of 30+ people, and Len and I agreed that it was the best tour we’ve had thus far.  It will be hard to beat this …

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