A Walking tour of The Big Apple

Everyone who visits New York City sees the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Times Square, but in my book, if you want to delve deeper than a tourist checklist, a walking tour of The Big Apple can’t be beat. There are several companies in the city, but …

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Can TravelING be as Luxurious as Travel?

For me luxury travel is an amazing hotel, relaxing spa treatments, impeccable service and some excellent food and wine. Never once have I considered the process of traveling to be luxurious, but why shouldn’t it be? Does air or road travel have to be stressful, uncomfortable and a one-star experience when …

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The Art of Travel Souvenirs

2015-07-28 20.23.09

When I was a kid one of my favorite things about vacations was souvenir shopping. The more kitschy, the better: plastic placements with pictures of the place, t-shirts, and magnets were my go-tos. Fast-forward to adulthood and (thankfully) my taste has improved. I’ve mastered the art of travel souvenirs. Today I …

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Living in the Big Apple

Cool, but not easy

I’ve been living in Brooklyn playing at being a New Yorker for a bit. Whenever we travel we get to experience a new way of living and different types of people. Here are a few random things that have struck me about living in the Big Apple. Bum Rap New Yorkers …

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Travel Diet Recipe: Amazing Gluten-Free Granola

Amazing Gluten Free Granola You’re getting all kinds of goodness that is also good for you in this amazing gluten-free granola recipe. Raw cacao powder (rather than regular cocoa powder) makes all the difference in this recipe. Regular Dutch-process cocoa powder is not an equivalent substitute because it will result in …

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A New Boulders Resort & Spa is Coming

ID SD boards A2_SD Casitas and Suite.indd

A new Boulders Resort & Spa is coming as the perennial five-star North Scottsdale hotel starts a multi-million dollar property-wide renovation.  The hotel was recently purchased by Hilton for its Curio collection. The project, slated to be finished by December, is helmed by DiLeonardo, an award-winning East Coast design firm. “We are …

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