The Travel Diet


Putting the best luxury travel on your plate

Taking the mystery out of eating healthy while traveling

The Travel Diet is about using travel to inspire you to live a luxury, healthy lifestyle fueled by the sights, sounds, products, people and cultures around the globe.

Our editors scour the planet to fill your plate with the best, newest, most unusual destinations, spas, resorts, experiences, food, luxury goods and characters worldwide.

The Travel Diet is a lifestyle rooted in the belief that the self-care we show ourselves on vacation isn’t merely luxury pampering, it’s a needed respite from a 24/7 chaotic world. The exclusive experiences we indulge in while traveling are a balm to body, mind and soul. The Travel Diet curates the top in travel to not only bring you the best vacation ideas, but to inspire you to bring elements of each travel experience back into your daily life to live The Travel Diet lifestyle 365 days a year.



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