A Luxury Train Trip is the Ideal Digital Detox


A Luxury Train Trip is the Ideal Digital DetoxIn today’s crazy world, sometimes you just need to disconnect and a luxury train trip makes for the ideal digital detox


Luxury lines like The Orient Express, The Glacier Express, Belmond Royal Scotsman and The Rocky Mountaineer are not just the pinnacle of opulence and relaxation for travel, but they also serve up impressive hospitality.


With WiFi either non-existent or hard to come by, screen time is replaced by window time. The point of a luxury train trip is to drink in the beauty you’re passing through. Unlike air travel, train travel allows one to stop and smell the roses and there is no TSA, missed connections or other stress to get in the way of your Zen on this unique mental wellness vacation.

A Luxury Train Trip is the Ideal Digital DetoxYou’ll start to slow down the minute you board the train. Frankly, it’s like taking a step back in time to a kinder, gentler era of travel. There is something extremely glamorous and romantic about traveling in these elegant, stylish trains.

While the amenities or facilities available vary from company to company and train to train, in most cases these come with an on-board spa, restaurant and bar. Train travels are quite relaxing because of the comforting atmosphere on board and also the fact that everything is taken care of from meals to leisure activities to entertainment. Thus, you won’t need to fret about anything yourself and you can unwind in a royal way!

A Luxury Train Trip is the Ideal Digital DetoxLuxury train travels are available both domestically and internationally. In fact, many people that book a train vacation view the train itself, not just the destinations, as part of the actual holiday. There is something extremely glamorous about train travel-the romance, adventure and glamour bring back the feel of the 1920s and 30s when life was lived at a relaxed pace and glamour and opulence was in the air.

The difference between a luxury train and a luxury hotel experience is that stepping into a luxury train is akin to stepping into a different world. Here are a few of the top lines to consider for your luxury digital detox train trip:

Venice Simpion-Orient-Express:

A Venice Simplon-Orient-Express journey is an experience of the extra-ordinary. Since this most famous of trains made its maiden journey from Paris to Istanbul in 1883 it has been synonymous with luxury travel.

Throughout its history, the VSOE has been the luxurious transport of aristocrats, royalty, spies, film stars and writers, as well as, of course the famous Hercule Poirot.

Belmond Royal Scotsman:

Considered to be the world’s most luxurious train, you will be joined by a maximum of just 35 other guests as you explore the magnificent scenery in Scotland, visiting places unseen by most visitors. And with an actual spa onboard you can add to your wellness journey.

Golden Eagle:

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains operate some of the world’s most pioneering rail journeys throughout Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Mongolia, China, Central Asia and Iran, onboard a selection of the world’s leading luxury private trains. They offer their guests first-class customer service, a romantic exploration of the world’s most remarkable sites and a room with a view that constantly changes.

Rocky Mountaineer:

Within the unique world of rail travel, Rocky Mountaineer is so much more than just a train. It’s the key to unlocking a hidden world of unparalleled beauty as you carve through otherwise inaccessible terrain in the Canadian Rockies.

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