A First-Hand, Freaky Account of Energy Work

albino girla

Energy treatments are a little out there for many spa goers, but I’ve come to really like them, even if my own experiences are truly a little freaky.

I was a cynic when I went into my first treatment, called Healing Touch, at Canyon Ranch in Tucson.  People in my group raved about it, called it life changing.  I figured my life could use a little changing, so what the heck.

The service was done by a nurse and I asked what I might expect to happen.  She explained she would hover her hands above me and I might see colors, feel hot or cold or a bunch of other things.

For the first 20 minutes nothing happened. 

“Ha, just as I expected, a bunch of bull” was what I was thinking as her hands floated above me.  And then bang, an explosion of chartreuse in front of my eyes, followed by a kaleidoscope of colors.  Next up was pins and needles followed by a burning hot sensation.  And that was just the beginning.

I had a very vivid dream of a five-year old girl with long albino hair calling to me.  I woke feeling very off-center.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that this little girl was screaming to me “You’re running out of time to have me.”

Yikes.  Time for rationalization.  I have dark hair, I’d never have an albino daughter.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I filed the experience away and continued to live my child-free life.

About two years later I was at Miraval and another energy service was on the schedule.  This time I wanted to know what happens to the therapist during the service, so I asked if she would share her experiences when we were done.

After the treatment, she tells me “This has never happened before, but the whole time I was working on you, I felt the presence of a little girl next to me.”

Excuse me?  What did you say?

Ok, count me freaked out.

Little Albino girl was stalking me during energy services!

About six months later I was at an open house that featured a quickie Reiki session.  This time the little girl didn’t show up per se, instead the therapist said she had to ask if I was pregnant because she had the strongest feeling that I was, and you guessed it, the baby was a girl.

You’re running out of time to have me….And now there is no longer baby daddy in the picture.  Was this a guilt trip from the other side??

My last experience was a bit over a year ago in Colorado.  As the therapist was working on me she stopped and asked if I had kids.  I said nope.  She asked if I was sure (really?) because she said I had the strongest maternal energy radiating off me.  Yikes.  When I convinced her I wasn’t a mom, she informed me that a, you guessed it, little girl was somewhere in my future whether it was mine or not.

So I’m waiting to see what happens in my next energy treatment….or if a little albino girl shows up in my life.

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