My First “Vacation” in 8 Years

I’m about to take my first “vacation” in 8 years.  Sure I’ve been to several countries and states this year already, but technically that was business.  I’m a travel writer. It’s my job. People often ask me if I go on vacation for fun and I look at them like …

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Ananda Launches a New Fitness Program

ananda yoga

Ananda, a luxury wellness destination nestled in the Himalayas, has always been known for its ethereal side focusing on yoga, Ayruvedic and meditation, but now Ananda launches a new fitness program through a partnership with New Delhi based SUMAYA. World-Class Fitness   SUMAYA is the brainchild of Sumaya Dalmia, renowned for …

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A Bumpy Ride to Brisbane and Sydney


It was a bumpy ride to Brisbane and Sydney with 15 ft. waves and strong winds.  We’re pitching forward to aft, with an occasional side to side roll thrown in just to keep us alert, so we’re having a quiet day today on the lower decks which are more stable.   Rainforest …

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