The Art of Travel Souvenirs

2015-07-28 20.23.09

When I was a kid one of my favorite things about vacations was souvenir shopping. The more kitschy, the better: plastic placements with pictures of the place, t-shirts, and magnets were my go-tos. Fast-forward to adulthood and (thankfully) my taste has improved. I’ve mastered the art of travel souvenirs. Today I …

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Living in the Big Apple

Cool, but not easy

I’ve been living in Brooklyn playing at being a New Yorker for a bit. Whenever we travel we get to experience a new way of living and different types of people. Here are a few random things that have struck me about living in the Big Apple. Bum Rap New Yorkers …

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Travel Diet Recipe: Amazing Gluten-Free Granola

Amazing Gluten Free Granola You’re getting all kinds of goodness that is also good for you in this amazing gluten-free granola recipe. Raw cacao powder (rather than regular cocoa powder) makes all the difference in this recipe. Regular Dutch-process cocoa powder is not an equivalent substitute because it will result in …

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